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Cat Collars

Cat Collars ($29.99)

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These premade collars measure an adjustable 8"-10" x 3/4", but can be cut to any length. If you have a particularly petite puss or a real beast of a kitty that falls outside those measurements, feel free to include a snug neck measurement with your order and we'll custom fit your collar. With the drop-list on the right you can customize your punk kitty's collar with a row of spikes, punk pyramids, domes, flat metal dots, flat metal diamonds, or colored polka-dots. Only dots come in brass, all others are steel or nickel/zinc. All Raw Dog Leather gear features a deerskin lining for a comfortable, padded fit, gentle to sensitive skin.

Please specify whether you desire an added elastic safety-section in no-stretch, stretch or super-stretch options. You may also choose to substitute a Velcro closure for metal hardware; to do so please include a note with your order.

A "no-stretch" collar is a standard leather collar, one continuous leather strap. Choose "no-stretch" for sedentary, indoor-only housecats or pocket dogs.

A "stretch" collar includes a 3/4" section of elastic between the D-ring hardware and the studded collar strap. This piece of elastic allows for approximately 3/4" stretch. Properly fitted, this collar will allow plenty of room for escape if hung up in an emergency situation. Choose a "stretch" collar for active indoor housecats or cats who make forays outdoors to lay around in the sun. See the pink diamonds and blue dots collars above for examples.

A "super-stretch" collar has all hardware behind the buckle embedded in elastic, approximately 1-1 1/2" in length. This collar expands more than a full inch and is easily slipped in the event of an emergency. Please be aware that choosing this option allows for the greatest margin of safety but is also the most easily removed and lost in non-emergency situations. Choose the "super-stretch" option if you have a serious outdoor, tree-climbing, bush-stalking prowler. See the green domes collar and red pyramids collar above for examples.

We are happy to offer as much information and advice as possible in choosing your gear, but please be aware that ultimately -you- are responsible for choosing the most appropriate gear for your critters and your situation.

Please contact us for different or larger sizes as needed. Any size or shape collar is possible.