Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun projects, big things on the horizon!

I'm sitting down at the computer for a moment, taking a breather. We had a rockin' April, with a couple of really neat projects to keep us busy.

Remember those nice McNab mixes I mentioned? I had the privilege of gearing out one of the pups, named Diablo. He's got an interesting Phoenix ascending his back, and in that spirit, here's what we came up with.

The lead has a matching triskele concho on either side of the base of the handle, and green phoenix feathers coming up the handle itself on both sides that mirror and continue the line of tail feathers on the collar. We're really pleased with the set and can't wait to see Diablo filling it out!

Also, we had the pleasure of hearing from Masako and the lovely Winnie, for the building of a custom harness to match her nifty two-tone lead:

It'll take a bit of tweaking for a perfect fit, but definitely a fun project--and nets us smiling Shiba photos, which is always a nice perk.

In tangential news, we've upped production approximately 6000% in the past couple weeks, with a couple neat discoveries.
First of all, is a free source for public domain recordings of public domain books. Now, I don't know about y'all, but I likes me some literature, and all the sudden here's all the Twain, Dickens, Wodehouse, and Thoreau you'll need to keep you busy for a good while. You got'cher Oscar Wilde, yer Leo Tolstoy, and yer H.G. Wells. Edgar Rice Borroughs brings us the amazing Tarzan books, there's Dr. Dolittle, Sherlock Holmes, and a hefty lot of Oz books. I'm pretty sure Mr. Armadillo is quite (Plato!) through with hearing me randomly (Tom Swift!) shouting out nice finds throughout the last week or so (Dostoyevsky!).

I love to have an audiobook running while I work. It keeps my mind busy and I love to spend an afternoon tuned into a reading while making neat things. Audiobooks are hard to come by, though. They're pricey to buy, and it's hard for me to get them back to the library on time. Plus, our little branch has a pretty dismal selection, and the good ones can be hard to get ahold of. Finding LibriVox is like I've suddenly fallen into this amazing treasure trove, I can't even adequately describe how tickled I am over the whole thing.

I've already signed up to volunteer a reading, and I've got a really neat little collection of very old children's and young adult literature that will be fun to share, most are about dogs or horses or general adventure-type stuff, pirates and shipwrecks. If you know anyone with a Scottish or English accent that would be willing to do a reading, I have copies of Bob, Son of Battle and Greyfriars Bobby that I would give a great deal to hear properly read. Bob, Son of Battle is written in the Cumbrian dialect, but I imagine any English accent is going to do it more justice than my profoundly American voice.

The other fun thing I found was an el-cheapo set of public domain TV westerns on With 300 episodes of a giant array of classic TV westerns like The Lone Ranger, Annie Oakley , Sugarfoot, and Wagon Train, this has been a fun find, too.

In other news, trapping season opens the 17th and we've got big plans for the late 2007 passage red tail population of Salem, Oregon. We are hoping for (predicting?) an according sharp drop in production, briefly following ;0).