Monday, July 20, 2009

Bassetfest 2009

Oh man... I'll say one thing: Basset people know how to party ;0)

So! Here's the scoop: rockin' basset-girl Heidi called me up a couple months back from Oregon Basset Rescue; she had seen our gear at Green Dog in Portland, and wanted to invite Raw Dog to set up a booth at their annual reunion/summer party: the Basset (not technically "Olympic") Games! Who could resist?

They actually have a full weekend's events, Saturday kicked off with the Basset Waddle, a low-slung parade through the local shops which I would have loved to see, and a BBQ in the park. We weren't able to make a weekend of it, but arrived early on Sunday morning to set up before the Games. I got busy unpacking while Mr. Armadillo did the canine reconnaissance (he scoped out the pooches). A few minutes later, he made the very astute observation that one dog in particular had stayed put. For, like, ten or fifteen minutes! Just... staying! And wagging! In light of the Raw Dog's notably poor impulse control when there are faces to be slurped, I can see why he'd be astonished. He was suitably impressed, and wandered over to say "hi". The owner expressed concern said pooch might wear out his wag prior to competition.

It's a serious concern, the wag-factor at this event was nearly unbearable.

I haven't quite sorted out this whole Flickr thing yet, but here's a link to the photo set:

Schedule of events!

Basset Limbo!

An obstacle course

Wet T-Shirt Contest

And the crown jewel of the Games: Synchronized Swimming...! The key to this event is to synchronize all four paws; get them to put all four paws in the water at the same time by way of bribery, cajoling, demonstrations, or demands. Any means legal excepting physical compulsion (no dragging or foisting allowed). Described as "a near-impossible feat".

Spectacular. I haven't laughed this hard in... I don't know how long.

Some of my favorite images:


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