Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Foodie nerdgasm:

A couple weeks ago I made a sticky toffee pudding, for no particular reason other than it just seemed like a good idea at the time. I am a total Potter nerd and mild anglophile. I love toffee and butterscotch and when I saw the words "sticky toffee pudding" in print I knew that whatever this confection was, it had to be a win. Turns out, I was right:

I don't keep a food scale in the kitchen, and most proper recipes I found online were written by weight, so I found an American version for the ingredient proportions and used the traditional UK ingredient list. After baking, I aerated the top, threw a couple shots of Kahlua Especial over it and let that sit for about ten minutes while the sauce thickened. I soaked the pudding with about half of the hot toffee sauce and let that sit for another ten minutes or so.

Have I yet mentioned that I'm emotionally bonded to my stand mixer? I lufs it. This is not entirely because of the incredible ice cream attachment, but it sure doesn't hurt. That bad boy was a wedding gift from our friend Peter, who also bestowed upon us a copy of the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cookbook so that we may never again be saddled with the whims of our local scoop jockeys, and their staunch refusal to keep Chubby Hubby on tap. This time it was a straight-up sweet cream base made with good local cream and half-and-half, sweetened with brown sugar.

Final cut, spoon a bit more toffee sauce over, and add a scoop of ice cream. Snap photo quick and nom.


Cherry on this story, I posted the above food porn photo to The Naked Chef, Jaime Oliver* this morning, who responded a minute later with a "wow" =D
Rockin' ;0)

*my secret boyfriend


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