Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scary stuff! Learn the heimlich... it really does save lives.

A friend's geriatric pug, Mandi, nearly choked on a hunk of turkey neck today. Jon was able to save her by quickly performing the canine version of the heimlich maneuver: turn the pooch upside down and give several hard thrusts to the abdomen just below the crest of the ribcage. Here's a printable PDF with excellent, clear instructions. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the techniques:

On choking and raw food, the most common culprits seem to be chicken or turkey necks, foods small enough to encourage hasty gulping and cyllindrically-shaped to make an effective airway plug. Common preventative measures are to crush the bones internally with a mallet (Mandi's turkey neck had been crushed prior to serving), to serve foods partly frozen in order to encourage slower eating, and holding one end of the food while the chewies commence. Serving ground or chopped foods is the ultimate solution for choking prevention. Though going this route circumvents some of the other perceived benefits of a whole-foods raw diet, in the end, we all have to troubleshoot in the ways that work best for our own pack.

Hugs to old puggles, and here's hoping to never to hear similar stories again.


Blogger Brigette said...

Oh Thanks for posting this! Mandi is doing just fine now. Poor girl was so tired for a day or so after that experience.

August 23, 2009 10:36 AM  

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