Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feature spots, stuff

We were honored with two nice features this past week, with the fabulous Yuki packs making a cameo in an Etsy treasury listing and a featured spot in a very nice handcrafting blog, Dig Under Rocks
Thanks to both ladies for the features! Those packs are getting some attention out in the world.

We'll be continuing to run a bit slow in the next couple weeks. Currently our dockets are full to the point of bursting, and with family on the way for a good, extended visit. We haven't seen Mr. Armadillo's parents in years, so will be taking the next week mostly off from business. We'll be accepting orders for custom work, but with the caveat that wait times are likely to run 3-4 weeks for heavily custom gear as of today. Basic stuff should move a bit faster!

Cheers, and hope you all are enjoying the best of summers.


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