Artisan quality leather dog leashes, collars
and toys. Custom orders welcome!

Raw Dog Leather products are handmade in Eugene, Oregon. Every Raw Dog Leather product is unique. Starting with premium quality, top-grain, veg-tan latigo leather, and finished with butter-soft deer or lamb suede and solid brass and stainless steel hardware whenever possible, each piece is individually handcrafted every step of the way, from the cut and bevel, to the stitching, riveting, and decorative elements. Minor variations in surface finish, width, stitching, and color are indications of this individual handling--no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

Leather is an organic material. It will lose oil and moisture with time, use, and exposure to the elements. Care for your leather products by keeping them clean and dry, and occasionally conditioning them with a good quality leather care product. Do not expose them to extreme heat or allow them to be submerged in water.

We happily ship anywhere in the world.
We hope you enjoy your gear as much as we enjoy making it.