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Retail Locations

Or: "Where can I buy stuff, live and in person?"

Suds 'em Yourself

Or We Suds 'em!

192 W 11th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 484-2239

Suds 'em Yourself, our first retail location, is really three shops: a happenin' self-service dog wash, a professional grooming shop, and clipper service shop all in a row, located along the block at the corner of W. 11th and Charnelton in Eugene. Suds 'em is such a fun place--self-serve dog washes are a blast anyway, but the folks here are just as kind as can be, and boy do they love dogs. It's a real family business, and we couldn't be happier to be a part of it. We have our clippers serviced and sharpened here for a shockingly reasonable fee! In Raw Dog gear, Suds 'em stocks a selection of traffic leads, flat collars, and decorated collars. If you are a Suds 'em customer, you can also have them measure your dog's neck and place orders for custom gear at the front counter.

Wags! Dog Emporium

485 Coburg Road, Suite G
Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 607-6600

Wags! is a beautiful little boutique with a truly astounding selection of awfully cool products. They're on Coburg just past the Oakway center, and conveniently located next to a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop for all your Chubby Hubby and Chunky Monkey needs. This sweet shop is packed to the gills with neat finds and usually has a pooch or two hanging around. I love the wrought-iron puppy gate in the doorway that keeps the mascots contained in nice weather. In Raw Dog gear, Wags! stocks a selection of traffic handles and leads, flat collars, and decorated collars. Wags! also acts as a broker for custom gear, so if you are a Wags! customer, you can ask to have them measure your dog's neck and place orders for custom gear at the front counter.

Bare Bones Dog Wash

Self-Service Dog Wash and Bone Appetit Bakery

1025 River Road
Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 607-6600

Bare Bones is a neat little shop, also a self-serve dog wash with a professional groomer in-house. They carry a very fine selection of ultra-premium pet foods, including a couple of frozen raw blends, for which we commend them greatly. They've got a gorgeous little boutique corner with some extremely high-quality toys and products I've never seen anywhere else. Their canine bakery counter is packed with treats so pretty I want to taste them myself! In Raw Dog gear, Bare Bones carries a small selection of custom leash and collar sets, and also acts as a broker for custom gear.

Everything Pawsible

1415 Liberty St Ne
Salem, OR 97303

(503) 399-0500

Everything Pawsible, located on the corner of Liberty and Hood streets NE, is home to Southwestern Oregon's only canine hydrotherapy pool. They offer training and socialization classes on site and are home to a huge gift and pet supply boutique. One of the neatest things about this shop is their fantastic array of rare-breed gift items--it's like being a kid with an unusual name, you can never find knick-knacks with your name, right? Well, as a rare-breed geek it was really fun to poke around and spot cool gifts and collectibles featuring breeds like Ibizian Hounds, Smooth Collies, and Neopolitan Mastiffs. In addition to the gift shop, they carry foods and pet supplies, featuring a large selection of Raw Dog flat and decorated leads and collars.

Dog Dayz

Austin, TX 78754

(512) 928-4262

If you participate in agility, obedience, or conformation events in Texas, you may run into the fine folks of Dog Dayz. Dog Dayz travels as vendors to various canine events, carrying a very fine selection of high-quality toys and accessories. Dog Dayz carries a selection of Raw Dog tugs, and were the inspriational sprark behind our new Kevlar Bulletproof Tugs!

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