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We have tough dogs. Our dogs eat toys for breakfast (literally, and unfortunately, on several memorable occasions).

We had to resort to creating our own, as the plushies from the pet store lasted thirty seconds before being unceremoniously dismantled. Also, Simon's a complete maniac about tug toys... so... we started making tugs. Necessity is the mother of invention and all; that guy is hard on his tug toys.

Flat tugs:

The suede tugs are made of heavy elk suede or bullhide, both similar in strength and durability. Bullhide is tough stuff; it's traditionally used for utility chaps and blacksmiths' aprons. Elk is a bit springier, of similar weight and with a nice grip. I choose each hide individually for quality, so will occasionally switch between the two. The flat suede tugs are three layers, stitched around the perimeter and reinforced at the handle end(s). For a squeaky tug, choose the "squeaky" option on the flat tug list to the right.

Jackpot tugs are suede tugs with a Velcro(R)-secured treat pocket for food-motivated tug fun. You can scent the toy by hiding treats in the pocket, or pop the pocket open after a successful release for a "Jackpot!" shower of treats. Jackpot Tugs include a squeaker by default; if you prefer a silent Jackpot Tug, please include a note with your order.

The natural sheepskin tugs are about as plush as plush gets. It's naturally bark-tanned in (literally) oak bark tannins. This process leaves the hide and wool with a rich golden color and much of the natural oil; it's got a deep and springy natural pile with the rich scent and feel of natural lanolin. They are sometimes called "medical grade sheepskins" for their aid in the prevention of bedsores in bed-bound patients. Whole hides make absolutely luscious crate-pads or down-stay mats for pooches that can be trusted not to destroy their bedding. They should be hand-washed in Woolite and dried in the air and sunshine, when necessary.

Tug Rags:

Tug Rags, also known as "bite rags" or "agitation rags", are wedge-shaped and only sewn at the handle end for exciting, flappy, tugging goodness. The suede tugs are a rolled cone, three layers of elk or bullhide. Natural sheepskin tug rags are two layers back-to-back so that it's plush on both sides.

Skinny tugs:

Delicate tuggers and our littlest canine pals, we've got yer back! Skinny tugs are approximately 1/2" to 3/4" wide, a sewn tube of suede stuffed with our luscious raw wool. Handles are made of 1/2" latigo strap ends in varying colors. These tugs are not wide enough to accommodate a squeaker.

Braided and Kevlar Bulletproof tugs!:

We are delighted to present our long-awaited Kevlar Bulletproof Tugs! The creation of these toys was inspired by our friends at Dog Dayz in and around Austin, Texas and their need to supply their agility dog friends with hard-core, industrial-strength tugs. These toys are three braided strands of 2" wide industrial Kevlar belting, reinforced at both ends. This Kevlar belting has a tested tensile strength five stronger than steel, no joke. It's used in the production of safety equipment for climbers, construction workers, firefighters, and other equally "no joke" pursuits. For heavy-duty tuggers, when tensile strength matters, this is your stuff. These are tug toys for the serious tugger.
Kevlar (like any other material) can be shorn with dedicated, unsupervised chewing across the braid. Like all tugs they should not be left unsupervised. Three-way braided tugs are made of irregular strips of that gorgeous, naturally-tanned sheepskin and either bullhide or elk, for a mouthful of textures. Dogs -love- the varied texture of these braided tugs.

The handles of all Raw Dog tugs are made with strap ends of the same premium latigo as the rest of our gear, so may come in various assorted colors and slightly varying widths. If it matters that your tug handles are a certain color or width, you're more than welcome to post a note on the shopping cart page and I'll do my best to accommodate.

Plush toys:

Our sweet plush toys are made from the same bark-tanned, un-dyed, medical grade sheepskin, and stuffed with raw wool shorn from happy, local sheep (they are personal friends of ours). This is the finest plush toy your pooch will ever wrap his lips around.

This is also the most exciting-smelling toy ever created. Although we make every effort to use the most natural materials possible, like any plush toy they are not intended for consumption. Please carefully supervise your dog's play and remove the toy if the toy starts to come apart. Do not allow your dog to ingest these toys.

Pocket Squeakies:

Mini versions of our fine plush toys! Folks love these for use as pocket-sized attention-getters or as plush toys for pocket pooches. Shown with a standard business card for size reference. Your choice of natural sheepskin, rough elk suede or smooth bullhide squeakers stuffed with our delectable raw wool.

Customize it!:

At the bottom of the ordering column is a drop-list with options for customizing your Raw Dog's play experience. There you can add an extra handle, more squeakers, add stuffing to a flat tug, or substitute industrial Kevlar belting for the leather handle. The Kevlar is definitely more chomp-proof than latigo leather, so if your pupster's chompers tend to stray from the tuggy parts of the tug, this is a good option for you. =)

The raw dog himself personally supervises the production of each and every toy, and boy is he jealous.